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Fourm Q&A

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:28 pm

Hello, this is the Official Phil Phorums Q&A:

What is Phil Phorums?
Phil Phorums is my message board made for people to talk about almost everything.

Why is Forum spelled Phorum?
This was intentional as it seems fitting for a site named after yours truly.

How do I become a Member?
Simple, you click the register button, fill out a forum and an e-mail will notifiy you stating that you're now a member.

Is swearing allowed?
Yes, the words Crap, Damn and Hell are allowed, anything beyond them will be a (minor) violation and the person who wrote the post will have to edit it.

What's the deal about Suspensions and Banishment?
You see, I'm fine with most things, but if it's too inappropriate, I'll take action. I have set up a system that goes like this:

-1 violation will result in a warning via PM
-2 violations will result in a 2 week suspension from the site
-3 violations will result in a half a year suspension from all member activities
-4 violations will result in banishment from the site in general, you're not allowed in even when as a guest.

Inappropriate things include:
-Sexual content/talking/pictures
-Verbal abuse
-Rude remarks
-Hate stuff
-Too much swearing using words that aren't the three words allowed on this site
And Threats, death topics and topics about suicide.

Anything else?
This site's still under construction for the moment, so prepare to see some improvements as time goes on.


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